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Here are several Ebook software programs we have tested for our clients. You can read the reviews on these Ebook Software programs below. 

If you have any questions about a specific Ebook software program or service we have not reviewed, send us an Email listing their "Domain Name" and your question or comment about them and we will get back with you within 24 hours.


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Adobe Acrobat is the best Ebook encryption program for writing an Ebook to distribute online you do not want the public to change or claim to be written by themselves. 

The reason Adobe Acrobat is best Ebook Encryption program to use, when distributing your Ebook for free, is because practically everyone with a Windows or Mac operating system on their computer has the Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed on their machine. This will make your free Ebook easily readable for anyone who clicks on, or downloads, your free Ebook from your website.

Adobe Acrobat also works in conjunction with Microsoft Word. This allows you to easily compose your free Ebook within Microsoft Word (or any of Microsoft Office's programs) then instantly convert your article or course into an Adobe Acrobat Ebook file by the press of a button.

However, if you are looking to write an Ebook to "Sell" to the public online, Adobe Acrobat is not the appropriate Ebook program to use. Even though Adobe Acrobat has the ability to lock your Ebook until a certain Screen Name and Password is entered into the fill in boxes of the Adobe Acrobat file, this does not keep someone from purchasing your Ebook then distributing your Ebook, along with the Screen Name and Password, to their list of clients or fellow workers.


$449.00 (standard fee)

Toll Free Telephone Support - 6:00am-8:00pm PST
Online Chat Support - (none)
Email Support - 6:00am-8:00pm PST

eBook Generator is the Ebook Encryption program we use, and recommend to our clients, at the Webpage Publicity Agency.

With eBook Generator you can make your Ebook free for anyone to pass out and distribute to their friends or you can encrypt your Ebook to where it can only be loaded on one computer. However this process is a little bit tricky in the fact that you have to let your client load the Ebook on their computer then they have to Email you their Ebook identification code then you have to Email them their finial registration code. This is why eBook Generator has another feature to where you can automatically issue them their serial number. Once they register your Ebook it will notify the server that they have now opened your Ebook. If they pass your Ebook and serial number to anyone else the server will be notified again. This lets you see how many times each serial number has been used to register an Ebook. If you see the same serial number being used over and over you can disable that particular serial number disabling all Ebooks using that serial number.

Another added feature to eBook Generator is that you can not only brand your Ebook to look like it was created specifically by your own company but you can also make your own personal Ebook branded to your resellers to where they can have their logo on your Ebook, they just can't change any of the content to your Ebook.



Toll Free Telephone Support: (none)
Online Chat Support: (none)
Email Support - 8am-3:30pm PST

With eBook Edit you not only have the freedom of making your Ebook free for anyone to download and read but you can also encrypt your Ebook to where the public can only load your Ebook on "one" computer meaninig they can not pass it along to any of their friends.  You can also make eBook Edit be a "Share-Ware" file so the public can download your Ebook to their PC for free. Then after a certain number of days it will tell your readers they are required to buy it if they want to open the Ebook again. eBook Edit will also let you encrypt only certain pages within your Ebook while leaving all the other pages free for the public to read.

After you have created your Ebook with eBook Edit you can then brand it with your own company logo and you can choose what buttons you do and do not want to have with Ebook. You can even personalize the navigations buttons too.

The only draw back to eBook Edit is in order to encrypt your Ebook to where your readers can not pass it on to their friends, the person who downloads the Ebook is required to first load it on their computer then email you their identification code. Then you have to insert their identification code into your eBook Edit program in order to generate their unique serial number. Then you have to Email them their unique serial number in order to unlock the Ebook. This is what makes it impossible to load on a second computer. This is the same type of encryption protection Microsoft Office XP uses to keep people from loading their program on other people's computers.



Toll Free Telephone Support - (none)
Online Chat Support - (none)
Email Support - 8am-5pm CST

eBook Pro has the highest level of encryption keeping anyone from passing your Ebook on to other people or even copying certain sections of it. eBook Pro even has the capability of keeping anyone from using a snap shot software program to take pictures of the information within your Ebook.

eBook Pro is also completely automated to the point where you can create a hundred different serial numbers and passwords. Then upload those serial number and passwords to a server. Once your client purchases your Ebook and receives their serial number and password, and loads it into the Ebook, it will be submitted to the server then automatically unlock the Ebook for them.

With eBook Pro's encryption you can make each serial number work only one time or as many times as you want. If you make each serial number work only one time the Ebook can only be loaded on one computer and no others. This is accomplished through eBook Pro's online serial number and password protection system. If you wanted to reload the Ebook on a different computer you would have to uninstall the Ebook from the first computer before you could load it on a different computer. This is what makes you Ebook so protected to the point where your customers have no way of illegally passing your Ebook out to their friends for free. 

The only draw back to using eBook Pro verses another Ebook program is in order to view the Ebook they must view it within the eBook Pro viewer. This means your customers must download both your Ebook AND the eBook Pro viewer in order to read your Ebook. Most other Ebooks are saved as an .exe file making the your Ebook and the viewer tied into one. You are also limited to creating 1000 Ebooks with your Ebook Pro registration. After you have used up the 1000 registrations you have to purchase more registrations from eBook Pro at 10 cents per a registration.



Toll Free Telephone Support - (none)
Online Chat Support - 8am-3:30pm PST
Email Support - 8am-3:30pm PST

If you found these Ebook software programs to be helpful with finding the best Ebook software for your site, I am going to ask that you tell your friends about us by copying and pasting one of the links below to your own personal website. 

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