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Web Page Marketing Services
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Below are the services we offer to our clients at The Webpage Publicity Agency when helping them market their site online.

You can choose any single one of the following marketing services by itself or you can choose from one of our 3 discount packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

If you have any further ideas or other types of marketing services you would like us to use to market your site then Email us by Clicking Here and we will respond to you within 12 business hours.

The Webpage Publicity Agency's Services

$39.95 a month
or $390 a year
$395 a month
or $3900 a year
$995 a month
or $9900 a year
Web Page Hosting:
800 MB of Storage
Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts
Unlimited Forwarding Email Accounts
Unlimited Email Aliases
Unlimited Email Auto Responders
Front Page Extensions
Anonymous FTP Accounts
SSL Secure Server
Online Shopping Cart
Password Protected Directories
Streaming Audio and Video
24/7 Technical Support, etc.

$7.95 a month or $79.00 a year

Website per an account

Website per an account

Website per an account
Domain Name Registration:
.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us
We can help you choose the best Domain Name for your online business and provide your Domain Name with:
 + Free Domain Parking
 + Free Domain Forwarding
 + Free Domain Masking

$7.85 a year per a Domain Name

Domain Name per an account.

Domain Name per an account.

Domain Names per an account.
Domain Name Alert:
Is the Domain Name you want for your online business already taken? If so, we can monitor that Domain Name for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and instantly purchase that Domain Name for you the second it becomes available; assuming it is not re-registered by the current owner before it expires.

$2.00 a month or $18.95 a year

Domain Name Alert per an account.

Domain Name Alert per an account.

Domain Name Alerts per an account.
Search Engine Optimization:
Submitting your pages to the Search Engines and being listed in their database is totally different than Optimizing the pages within your website so they will be rank high in the Search Engine's results. We will optimize the pages within your site so they have the correct Title, Description, Alt Text, Link Text, and General Text making your site rank much higher in the Search Engine's results.

$295.00 per a page within your site

Search Engine Submission:
Once a month we will submit your site to the most popular Search Engines such as,,,,,,, +500 other Search Engines making sure your site is listed in their results. To submit your site to the Search Engines on your own for free go to:

$39.00 a month or $390.00 a year

Fast  Search Engine Submission:
Are you wanting to have your site listed in the Search Engines right this very second? Would you like to have the Search Engines re-visit your site every 24 to 48 hours taking note of the changes you have made to your site? If so, you can pay the Search Engines a small fee to index your site in their database within 48 hours. They will also revisit your site every 48 hours too.

48 Hour submission to: - $63.00 a year - $23.00 a year - $20.00 a year - $30.00 a year

Search Engine Advertising:
Are you looking to have your site listed at the top of the Search Engines results in as little as 5 minutes through Search Engine Advertising? We can perform cost effect Google Ad Words advertising Campaigns for your online business and keep track of how much money you are spending verses how much money you are making online.

$1000.00 a month + Cost Per Click Fee

Classified Ad Submission:
Once a month we can submit your classified ad about your website's product(s) or service(s) to hundreds of online classified ads on the web. This way the public can see your site advertised in classified ads online

$29.00 a month or $290.00 a year

Classified Ad Writing:
If you do not feel comfortable writing your own Classified Ads for your online business or if you would like one of our Ad Copy Writers to write your sales presentation for your online business, one of our professional Ad Copy Writers can write your professional for you.

$200.00 per a Classified Ad Sales Letter

Personalized Email Broadcast: Allow us to Email all of your clients in your Database on an ongoing basis. We can also personalize each outgoing Email to each individual person for you. We can also set up forms in your site where people can sign up to be added to your mailing list and we can automate your account so your clients will constantly receive personalized follow up Emails on a reoccurring basis after signing up. The public will think you are personally Emailing them when there is nothing you have to do. We do all the leg work for you.

$39.00 a month or $390.00 a year

Web Page Copyright Service:
Does your website contain some of your own pictures, graphics, video, audio, or software you created? Does your site contain content you do not want other people to steal from your site? Copying people's graphics or content from their site is illegal by law but ONLY if your site is copyright protected by the government. This is why we copyright all of our client's websites before we market their site to the Search Engines.

One Time Service Fee of $39.95

Web Page Tracking:
On a weekly / monthly basis it is important to track what phrases the public is using to find your site through the Search Engines and what online ads are brining in revenue for you online business. Otherwise you will never know what forms of online advertising were most effective for you. It is also important to find out which pages the public is visiting most often and how long they stay on each page. This tells you what pages are most valuable to the public and which pages need to be re-optimized or have value added to them.

$39.00 a month or $390.00 a year

Web Page Linking Service:
To guarantee your site is ranked above your competition's site in the Search Engines your site must not only be optimized correctly but it must also have more web pages linked to it than your competition's site has. To find out more about web page linking go to:

$497.00 for 25 Guaranteed Links
$900.00 for 50 Guaranteed Links
$1250.00 for 75 Guaranteed Links
$1500.00 for 100 Guaranteed Links

Web Page Chat Service:
Are you looking to be able to chat with people on your website who are from all around the world? We can load our Chat software to your own website server or we can host your chat program for you so you will be able to chat with new clients who visit your website. The public will also be able to chat with you when they have a question about your online products or business.

1 Operator - 1 Department:
$19.95 a month or $199.95 a year
3 Operators - 3 Departments:
$29.95 a month or $299.95 a year
Unlimited Operators and Departments:
$49.95 a month or $499.95 a year

Web Page Affiliate Program:
Are you looking to start your own affiliate program so the public can resell your products or service for you and make a profit? With our Affiliate Software, that we set it up on your own server, you can let the public automatically become an affiliate of your online business and resell your products or service online. You can also track how often they sell your products or services.

$29.00 a month

Web Page Affiliate Services:
Do you want an affiliate program for your online business but do not have time to manage your Affiliate's accounts and pay your affiliates on a monthly basis? We can manage your Affiliate Program for you and mail out all of the payments by check or online transaction to your affiliate clients on a monthly basis.

$200.00 a month or $2000.00 a year

Credit Card Acceptance:
Are you wanting to except credit cards on your site and make your name appear on your client's credit card bill as your own business name instead of PayPal,, 2CheckOut, ClickBank, etc? We can set up your own personal online credit card account with your site so your clients will see your online business' name on their credit card statement and all the changers will be deposited directly into your own personal Checking Account.

$19.00 a month or $190.00 a year

E-Book Encryption:
Do you have a copyrighted E-Book you would like to sell online yet you have no way of keeping people from illegally giving your E-book away to their friends or clients? We can encrypt your E-Book with personalized Screen Names and Passwords so the person who buys your E-Book can not send  your E-book to anyone else. This keeps your E-Book from being illegally distributed.

$35.00 an hour compiling your E-book
$1.00 a Serial Number & Password


Unlimited Serial Numbers & Passwords

Sales Letter Writing:
Is writing your own sales letter hard for you to accomplish? Do you have trouble writing what you want to get across to your customers online? If you are having trouble writing a very intriguing sales letter, that draws the public in and makes them want to buy your products or service, then let one of our professional Ad Copy Writers write a fully effective sales letter for your products or service.

$1000.00 per a Sales Letter

Web Page Graphic Design:
Does your website need a face lift or need to be re-designed? Does your site need one or two graphics added to it or slight changes made? Our graphic artists can give your site the professional look you have always wanted, making your online business more appealing to the public than your online competition.

Web Page Design work: $35.00 an hour

Web Page 3D Images:
Do you have an E-book, a software program, or another product you would like to have a professional 3D Image of to display on your website? One of our graphic design artists can help you make your new product look professional and help the public realize what they are buying.

Graphic Design work: $35.00 an hour
3D Images: $100.00 an image



$39.95 a month
or $390 a year
$395 a month
or $3900 a year
$995 a month
or $9900 a year


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