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Below are chat software programs we have tested and evaluated for our clients at The Webpage Publicity Agency. 

If you have any questions about a specific software program or internet marketing service we have not reviewed, send us an Email listing their "Domain Name" and your "Question" about them and we will get back with you within 24 hours.


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The Webpage Publicity Agency currently recommends PHP Live to the public and all of our clients over all other chat programs we have tested. 

With PHP Live you have the choice of paying a monthly fee for their chat service, a yearly fee, or a one time fee (where you own the chat software program on your own server).

PHP Live has all of the regular chat software features found in all other chat programs such as being able to track who is visiting your site, how they found your site online, being able to push certain web pages through to the client's web browser, and being able to initiate the chat with the person who is viewing your site.

To find out more about the features PHP Live offers go to:  

PHP Live not only has the best features but they also have the best pricing plan too. You can have PHP Live host your chat program for you for only $19.95 a month, for one user, or $49.95 a month, for unlimited users. You can also buy their unlimited users version of their chat software and host it on your own server for only $99.00 a year or you can purchase their unlimited users program for a flat rate of $399.00. 


Activation Fee - (none)
Hosted Price: 1 Operator Monthly - $19.95
Hosted Price: 1 Operator Yearly - $199.95
Hosted Price: 3 Operators Monthly - $29.95
Hosted Price: 3 Operators Yearly - $299.95
Hosted Price: Unlimited Operators Monthly - $49.95
Hosted Price: Unlimited Operators Yearly - $499.95
Purchase Price: PHP Live Lite $99.95 Yearly (unlimited operators)
Purchase Price: PHP Live Premium $159.95 Yearly (unlimited operators)
Purchase Price: PHP Live Owned $399.95 One Time Fee (unlimited operators)

Chat32 is another very reliable chat software program that contains all of the regular chat software features that any other chat programs contain.

With Chat32 you also have the option of Chat32 hosting your chat software program for you or you can purchase their program, for a one time fee, and upload it to your own web server.

The only draw back to using Chat32, verses a different chat software program, is that you are required to pay Chat32 according to how many operators you choose to use with their program.

To find out more about Chat32 and their chat software go to: 


Activation Fee - $99.95 (from monthly plans only)
Monthly Fee - $29.95 per an operator
Yearly Fee - (none)
One Time Fee - $149.95 per an operator

Aestiva's Live Chat software is another very effective Chat software program however you are limited to loading it "only" on your own server, they can not host your chat program.

Besides being required to host Aestiva's Live Chat software on your own server you are also limited to the number of operators that can use the program according to which level of their program you buy.

To read more about Aestiva's Live Chat software features go to:  


Monthly - (none)
Yearly - (none)
Purchase Price: 1st Plan - $999.00 (3 operators)
Purchase Price: 2nd Plan - $1499.00 (6 operators)
Purchase Price: 3rd Plan - $2499.00 (12 operators)
Purchase Price: 4th Plan - 4999.00 (Unlimited Operators)

Live Person is another very good chat software program that has all of the features and benefits other major chat software programs have.

The only draw back to Live Person is that you can not purchase their chat software program and you can not upload it to your own web server. Instead you are required to use Live Person's server and their chat software monthly service. 

If you want to use Live Person as your chat software program you are required to pay $99.00 per a month per an operator. This means if you have 1 person chatting with your clients, Live Person will charge you $99.00 per a month. If you have 3 people chatting with multiple clients, Live Person will charge you $297.00 per month.

To find out more about Live Person and their chat software plan go to: 


Monthly - $99.00 per an operator
Yearly - $1069 per an operator (savings of $120.00)
One Time Fee - (none)

Instant Service is another very reliable chat software service giving you all of the regular chat software features other chat programs offer to their clients. 

The way that Instant Service is different than other chat software programs is instead of paying a monthly fee or a one time price for their chat software you are billed for chat session you have with your clients (just like a pay phone).

The draw back to using Instant Service's chat software is that you can not highlight and copy the text within your chat session because it is built out of Java. In other words, if they suggest a site to you you can not click on it or highlight and copy it. Instead they are required to send it to you by Email or push the page through so your browser automatically opens up to that page.

Another draw back is even if you only have 1 chat per a month with a client you are still billed a minimum of $200.00 per a month. Other Chat software programs, such at the ones listed above) offer the same service at a much cheaper price. 

To view Instant Service's pricing program go to: 


Activation Fee - $300.00 minimum (for 1 operator)
Monthly Fee - $200.00 minimum ($1.00 per a chat)
Yearly Fee - (none)
One Time Fee - (none)

Groopz is another chat software program that is built out of Java. This means you can not copy the text within your chat session. Instead you have to ask the representative to send the chat session listing the part you wanted to save for a later date. You also can not see if the sales representative is typing to you and they can not see if you are typing to them.

Groopz's prices for their chat software is also expensive compared to the other chat programs on the market. With their pricing plan you required to pay a fee for each operator. Also if you buy their software and host it on your own server you are required to pay a yearly fee for technical support too.

To learn more Groopz and their pricing structure go to:


Activation Fee - $99.99 (for 1 operator)
Hosted Price: 1 operator Monthly - $99.00 
Hosted Price: 1 operator Yearly  - $996.00 
Hosted Price: 3 operators Monthly - $233.00
Hosted Price: 3 operators Yearly - $2,292.00
Hosted Price: 6 operators Monthly - $399.00
Hosted Price: 6 operators Yearly - $4788.00
Purchase Price: - $1905.00 (for 1 operator) plus $295.00 yearly for support or updates

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